great summer behind. lots of stuff happening. ready for the upcoming projects! new liquorworks album was released in august:


two albums almost done and mastered, stay tuned! tracks composed for aurinkomatkat, fortum and orion pharma. lots of performing, mixing and so on.. enjoying life.



oops, no updates in a long time. it has been a busy rest of the year.. looking forward to 2019. at least 2 new albums and new projects coming up. anyway, happy new year!

10 gigs + 10 songs done this month. cool video available from our game music collective concert. link

august/ 2018

couple of gigs with kasmir. prepairing the next 'for the imperium' release. surviving the heat..

JULY/ 2018

playing many gigs this month and recording material for next liquorworks release. new fti song released

june/ 2018

game music collective gigs were a success. interview in finnish

a quick assignment to produce music/sound design for a video:

recently started working as a freelancer-midi programmer at singa. 

may/ 2018

writing Songs for at least 3 different productions besides co-producing and producing works in Audiodraft. dozen of gigs coming up. going to play 3 shows with game music collective! tickets:

april/ 2018

more casual stuff happening. moving to new apartment and getting my workspace ready.

march/ 2018

i've been working with several fortum cases. composing themes and music for their new audio identity. also, joined instagram!

february / 2018

trailer track licensed for rockway. my graduation concert available now in youtube:

january / 2018

graduated from metropolia university as a musician-songwriter. in december i've been composing music for a major energy company.
again, new fti single released:

december / 2017

welcome to my graduation concert in helsinki, 7th december! more info:
60 songs in 60 minutescheck out my friends new song that i mixed and mastered: mustaa - kiitos

november / 2017

october / 2017

september /2017

had an awesome gig with game music collective at finlandia hall! here is a link to the trailer: also, a new fti song coming up, stay tuned!

doing last gigs of august and prepairing for autumn.. playing with carlton smith end of the month. you can also check new fti live footage from facebook page.

august / 2017

finished composing my project "60 songs in 60 minutes". now just have to put everything on paper for live performance, yikes! also first fti gig coming up for a long time.

july / 2017

made new music for vallila-documentary series this month. besides my normal songwriting schedule, i've been working as a co-producer in audio branding projects for major companies.

june / 2017

second fti single released! 4 new songs added to music library for sale.

may / 2017

next fti single ready for mastering! you can also check out new orchestral mockup here

april / 2017

alright! new fti single released. check it out!  more to come during spring. i started working on huge project "60 songs in 60 minutes", which will be part of my thesis.

march / 2017

we started recording and arranging songs for "for the imperium" next release. i also started to compose material for art installation, which will be performed on galleries later this year

February/ 2017

yle documentary released. I also did an interesting mixing/production job for unm 2017 competition.. .

december / 2016

I'm working on yle short documentary this month - more news to come. also got my song licenced for lidl.

november / 2016